Hydrogrip Chuck

Hydrogrip Chuck

Hydraulic Chucks


Hydraulic chucks are a relevant solutions for HSM applications and offers high run-out precision (max. 3µm at 3xD). Very easy-to-use, the tool is clamped using one single pressurizing screw. that provides high run-out precision.


Other advantages: The stop end screw allows you to set easily the projection of your tool, while reduction sleeves, acting as a split collet, allow to grip more shank sizes and types


How does it work? An internal piston pressurises hydraulic fluid into a chamber surrounding the holder bore. The high pressure is uniformly applied to grip 360° around the tool shank. Cutting tools are held with excellent precision. The bore has a helical groove where dirt, oil or grease can collect when it has inadvertently been left on the tool shank.

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