Hydrogrip Chuck

Hydrogrip Chuck

Hydraulic Chucks

What is Hydraulic Expansion Chuck (HC) ?

It is precision tool holding system which operates on hydraulic expansion technology.
Clamping and de-clamping of the tool operates with hydraulic fluid pressure with the help of hydraulic piston and clamping screw. Special seal is provided to give leakage free clamping.
When the clamping screw is actuated the clamping piston compresses the hydraulic fluid into the hydraulic oil chamber, the expansion sleeve expands towards the tool shank and tool clamps uniformly throughout the contact area. This gives strong radial grip to the tool and we get accurate tool run-out.
The hydraulic expansion chuck is to be used along with reduction sleeves, these are most recommended for axial loads for Die and Mould machining and machining of precision automobile components and wood working machines. The hydraulic chuck is easy to use and maintenance free design. Tool clamping with “T” allen key.


Hydraulic chucks are a relevant solutions for HSM applications and offers high run-out precision (max. 3µm at 3xD). Very easy-to-use, the tool is clamped using one single pressurizing screw. that provides high run-out precision.


Other advantages: The stop end screw allows you to set easily the projection of your tool, while reduction sleeves, acting as a split collet, allow to grip more shank sizes and types


How does it work? An internal piston pressurises hydraulic fluid into a chamber surrounding the holder bore. The high pressure is uniformly applied to grip 360° around the tool shank. Cutting tools are held with excellent precision. The bore has a helical groove where dirt, oil or grease can collect when it has inadvertently been left on the tool shank.

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