What is " KWFLK " Chuck ?

KWFLK is precision Quick Change Tapping Chuck, having length compression and expansion facility.
It is most suitable for CNC machines, manual drilling, milling and Lathe machines.
It is used along with safety clutch type KWES series tap adaptors or without safety clutch type KWE series tap adaptors.

What is the function of Adj. screw in " KWFLK" Chuck ?

The KWFLK series tap chucks comes in ranges of M3-M12, M8-M20, M14-M-33, M22-M48 tapping range.
So, for different taps, the initial pressure for entering into pre-tapped hole varies, therefore an adjusting screw mechanism is provided. While starting the tapping operation, we need little initial pressure to enter the tap in pre – tapped hole. This pressure can be adjusted manually by tightening or loosing the adjusting screw.


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