Shrink Fit Holder

Shrink Fit Holder

Benefits of Shrink Fit Tooling


Should I use shrink fit?


If you do high speed, or high torque machining you should seriously consider the benefits of shrink fit technology. Your investment will pay for itself many times over.




With shrink fit toolholders vibration is reduced and cutting is noticeably faster and smoother. Manufacturing times can be reduced while maintaining the quality and accuracy demanded by today's competitive markets.

How it works


Shrink fit uses the expansion and contraction properties of metal to provide extremely powerful tool holding. The bore is slightly smaller than the tool shank, and when heated it expands just enough to allow the tool to be inserted. When it cools, the contraction of the metal holds the cutting tool with 10,000 lbs of force. Safe, controlled induction heat from the shrinkFIT machine expands the inside diameter of the tool holder bore so the tool shank can be inserted. Automatic air cooling contracts the bore to hold the tool with up to 10,000 lbs of holding power creating an extremely rigid connection between the spindle and the cutting tool.

What is "SFH" holder ?

SFH means Shrink Fit Holder.
These holders are best suitable for holding of carbide shank tools.
Cutters are clamped by Heat and Shrinking technology and gives better run out compare to other tool holding systems.
It is most suitable for any type of suitable machining. The holder range is available in standard 4.5 degree and in slim series 3 degree.

Can we use HSS shank tools in "SFH " holders ?

We do not recommend HSS shank tools in SFH holders, because of co-efficient of expansion due to heat of SFH material and HSS material is almost same.


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