Weldon Type Holder(WN)

Weldon Type Holder(WN)

Weldon Type Tool Holder


Weldon end mill holders can be used to reliably clamp tools with a lateral clamping surface on the cylindrical shank. Due to the toolholder′s clamping screw, the tool cannot be turned or pulled out.

The standard Weldon chuck has one side mounted clamping screw, the modified Weldon chuck has two clamping screws, the resulting close fit between the screw and the flat prevents the end-mill slip or pullout while providing maximum driving power. The cutter is held only by a portion of its periphery against a thin holding surface (the cylinder inside a cylinder design means that there is only one line of contact)

What is "Weldon" holder ?

Weldon holders are as per standard DIN 6359.
It is a Precision & Rigid Holder, most suitable for heavy axial & side loads.
it is best suitable for tools with weldon shanks as per DIN 1835 – B

Can we use "SLA" holder instead of "Weldon" holder?

We do not recommend SLA holders in place of Weldon holders , because SLA holders are not as rigid as Weldon Holders.

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