BT50 Master Mandrel DIA 50 L 350 New
Item Name ISO D1 L BT50 Master Mandrel DIA 50 L 350 50 ..

 HSK Type  M  L  D  HSK-A 63 COOLANT ..

 HSK Type  M  L  D  HSK-A 100 COOLA..

 Item Name  D  L  BT30 BORING BAR BLANK DIA ..


BT40 Spindle Cleaner ..

 Item Name  D  L  HSK-A 100 BORING BAR BLANK..

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We at package the items with the utmost of care, to make sure that the goods stay intact and there is no damage of goods in transit under any circumstances, Our Shipping and Packaging Unit takes care of the perfected process of packing the goods in the most methodical manner for smooth and safe transit to our customers.


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