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Packing and Shipping Timeline

Shipping Of Goods From Our End Can Take Anywhere From 1 - 4 Weeks From The Date Of Purchase Order On, Subject To Availability Of Stocks At The Factory And Warehouse.



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1) When Will My Order Arrive At My Doorstep After Purchasing On ToolsEngg?


Shipping Of Goods From Our End Can Take Anywhere From 1 - 4 Weeks From The Date Of Purchase Order On 


2) Do You Provide Cash On Delivery (COD) For The Orders Placed?


No, At The Moment We Do Not Provide Cash On Delivery (COD) Option For Our Customers.


3) What Are The Various Payment Options Available For Purchase On ToolsEngg? 


Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash Cards, PayPal (For Customers Outside India Only), Net Banking, PhonePay, ATM Cards, Bank IMPS, Prepaid Instruments.


4) How Do I Pay With PayPay?


From The Top Of Any Page Click On The Currency Option And Change It To United States Dollar (USD) And Continue To Checkout.


5) What Is TE 100% Purchase Protection?


All the merchants selling at are well screened by our team before they are brought on board. We assure you that all the products you buy from our website regardless of the merchant, are brand new, and are being sold by well reputed and honorable merchants at the best prices possible. Of course, we also offer all the warranties, guarantees as entailed by the product, all this at a great price and with the best customer service in the industry.At, we believe that customer satisfaction is key- therefore we stand behind all merchandise bought at our site. We will replace any order within 7 days of delivery, with free return shipping if you receive a product which is not as per the specifications ordered by you 

  • Wrong Specification (than what was ordered),

  • Wrong Color,

  • Wrong Style,

  • Wrong Quantity,

  • Missing Parts/Accessories,

  • Defective,

  • Dead On Arrival,

  • Damaged,Or

  • Significantly different from the description given by the Seller

However do make sure that the merchandise has not been used/worn or altered/tampered with, as well as is accompanied by its original price tag

and packing slip. Please contact our customer support, so we can help facilitate your returnAt times we may also require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. We will contact you if all or any portion of your order

is cancelled or if additional information is required to accept your order. If your order is cancelled after your payment has been done, the charged

amount will be refunded to you as soon as we can.In case of pre-shipment delays, ToolsEngg also offers you choice to cancel an order prior to its shipment by contacting us at Customer Support.Our Band of Trust define who we are and we promise the best online shopping experience for Industrial Products to our customers.


6) Does ToolsEngg Have Any App To Purchase Tools Online?


Download The Free ToolsEngg App On Google Playstore For Exicting Offers On The Go.


7) How Do I Return A Product And What Is ToolsEngg Return & Cancellation Policy?


An Order is Eligible for 100% Refund including the return shipping costs under the following condition :

All The Returns Are Eligible For 7 Days From The Time The Customer Recieved The Product That They Wish To Return, The Conditions When Returns Are Accepted Are Explained Down Below :-

·         When a wrong item is sent instead of the ordered item if this is the case then Products/Items should be UNUSED.

·         Products should be returned in their original packaging along with the original price tags, labels and invoices.

·         It is advised that the return package should be strongly and adequately packaged so that there is no damage of goods in transit.

·         Once the returned items is received and in the exact unused state without any damage 100% Refund along with the shipping charge will be immediately initiated

A Product can be cancelled before 24 Hrs or Before Dispatch of the goods (either partially or entirely) whichever is earlier will be taken into account.

When Cancelled the payment gateway fee of 5% will be deducted for initiating the refund from the Total Invoiced Amount. If endures any other fees due to the cancellation that also could be included.

A product under no Circumstances can be cancelled when it has been dispatched from our premises or after 24 Hrs.

For any further further queries you are free to contact us at at anytime, we would gladly answer any of your queries in a timely manner.

Thanks for shopping at, If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here to help.


8) Where Can I Request Bulk Orders?


Click Here And Fill Out Your Requirements If You Are Intrested In Purchasing In Bulk. 


9) What Are The Various Ways To Contact Us?


Email Us :-


Phone :- +91 9710405694


Live Chat :- The Bottom Right Corner Of  Every Page On ToolsEngg (Leave Your Name & Email Id If  Our Staff Aren't Available On Live Chat)

Support Ticket System


10) Can Corporates Purchase On ToolsEngg?


Yes!!! Mail Us Your Requirements To 


11) What is Multiple Shipment Option During Checkout Which Is Given As An Option To Choose From?


The Multiple shipment options is used for large orders that are split up as seperate bills (done by toolsengg staff) where in you pay as a single order and we split the items and send it in multiple shipments so as to avoid local customs duties in your port, this is highly benificial as mentioned by most of our high value customers that choose this method to make their purchases with us. 

For Example : The United States Of America has an import duty imposed on single consignments valued greated than $1400 /- hence if the cart value is around $2200 USD and the customer chose "Multiple Shipments" during checkout - our toolsengg staff will split the order into
"2" (accoring to the local customs value to keep the import duties at the minimum) - hence 2 consignments are sent to the customer for a single order placed to benifit the customer. 


12) Which Country Is ToolsEngg Based Inn?


We have been a catalogoue house here in India for the past 30+ years. Dont worry we do ship to 200+ countries around the world.


13) Will I Be Liable To Taxes While Purchasing On ToolsEngg If Im Outside India?


NO! You will not be subjected to any taxes if the shipping/payment address is outside India, Only for Indian Customers will have to pay GST as per the product category selected. 


14) I am a Machine Tool Dealer, I'd Like To Regularly Purchase Your Products, Will I Be Given Any Special Prices?


You will need to mail inn, your company details to with the subject line "I am a dealer". Our staff will have a look at our regular requirement and will take a call on a case by case basis, but the entire process will be pretty straighforward.


15) What Is So Special About The Products That You Offer On ToolsEngg Than Other Sites And Local Suppliers Online ?


We are the largest supplier of tool holding equiptment online and offline we have a very high market share in the tooling segmet due to the precision of our toolings, all precision CNC deices are Balanced and tested with state of the art equiptent, the inspection and quality tests are multifolds and precise, End of the day toolings are the once that make sure you dont lose more money in consumables such as drills and taps due to ware and tear, Our Prices are one of the best considering the quality of toolings we provide, hence we make it worthwile to have a support staff with live chat and support systems (email, support tickets, calls) to keep promoting / suggesting and supplying the best in toolings any industry will need. 


15) I Have A Drawing For A Tool (Collet, Solid Carbide Cutting Tool, PCD Cutting Tool) With Me Can You Manufacture For Regular Supply To Us?

We do this in 2 ways, 

1) If you have the precise drawing, send us the drawing to also click here to have a look at our dedicated page for this exact same requirement of yours

2) You give us a brief of the component that you need to manufacture and all the necessary details and send to our mail id and we suggest you with a drawing, which can be a drill, holemill , reamer - we will work on the tool geometry and arrive at the best possible solution for your need and start supply once things are confirmed from both our ends. Also have a look at our dedicated page click here about this very same need by our customers.


16) Can I Sell On


Yes! You most certainly can by signing up here



We Ship Throughtout India!! 


These are the countries we ship from India - Worldwide,  


Any Questions Kindly Contact Us At Anytime.


Check Out The Countries That We Ship Down Below.






Afghanistan Colombia Hong Kong Mongolia
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Algeria Cook Islands Iceland Montserrat
American Samoa Costa Rica Indonesia Morocco
Andorra Croatia India Mozambique
Angola Curacao Ireland Myanmar
Anguilla Cyprus Italy Namibia
Antigua Czech Republic Ivory Coast Nepal
Argentina Democratic Republic Of Congo Jamaica Netherlands
Armenia Denmark Japan New Caledonia
Aruba Djibouti Jordan New Zealand
Australia Dominica Kazakhstan Nicaragua
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Cayman Islands Guinea Micronesia Slovak Republic
Cent Afr Rep Guinea Bissau Micronesia Slovenia
Chad Guyana Moldova Solomon Islands
Chile Haiti Monaco South Africa
China Honduras   South Korea


These Are The Countries Around The World Shipped From ToolsEngg Headquarters.


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Worldwide Shipping

Shipping All Over The World Is Done Through IndiaPost & Aramex - Domestic Shipping Is Done For Orders Placed Throughout INDIA.




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Product Tags: SEALED, TAP, COLLET, DIA, 8.50, 6.50, Supplier:RK, ENGINEERING, ER 16 RIGID SEALED TAP COLLET DIA 8.50 X 6.50 SQ

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